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Newsletter - Autumn 2008

Hello and welcome to our 3rd newletter. We have a mix of members' articles and news as well as announcing some of the exciting plans for our forthcoming 50th Anniversary year. Particular thanks to Derek Cousins for his hilarious experiences of being part of last year's show - and he's still come back for more!

We look forward to seeing you all next year - if not before - and would like to wish you all, and those nearest and dearest to you, a Happy Christmas and exciting New Year.

With our best wishes
Ros and Clive
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Sheila Tuffield
Robin Richardson
John Bill
Janet Grant
Vivienne Plunkett
Asst. Sec
Marion Jackson
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Beryl Meaden, Caroline Lee, Larry Pendleton, Matthew Plunkett, Clive Swetman, Ros Swetman

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The Mikado

Auditions were held in September for our next production, which is "The Mikado". Producer Margaret Collingwood with Musical Director Eric James, had a challenging afternoon auditioning, resulting in the following cast:
The Mikado of Japan
Robin Richardson
Tom Corfield
David Ivins
Clive Swetman
Dennis Abley
Gennie Plunkett
Rachel Goodchild
Teresa Clayton
Ros Swetman

Rehearsals are well under way and are proving to be the usual heady mix of fun and hard work! With several old and new members, the male chorus is proving a force to be reckoned with. The Mikado was of course the first production of East Norfolk Operatic Society in 1959 and we hope to have some cast members from those early days joining us in the audience.

We are delighted to have a mixture of old and new principals, as well as chorus. The part of Ko-Ko is to be played by David Ivins, who played the same part with ENOS in 1990 and whose last appearance with the society was three years later. Welcome back, David! Tom Corfield is a newcomer to ENOS and will take the part of Nanki Poo. We offer a warm welcome to you, Tom, and your father Paul, who has agreed to be Stage Manager for the show. With mum Ros also assisting back stage, this will be a real family affair.

"Tis done..........we are brides"

Ros & Clive
Ros & Clive 31 May 2008

Teresa & John
Teresa & John 27 June 2008

Caption Competition

What was Janet saying to Patrick?

Janet & Patrick
Photograph courtesy of Mike Stevens

Answers by 1 February 2009 please

Patience - Derek Cousins
Dress rehearsal day. Time to pack all the gear for transfer to the Maddermarket. In the bag go all the necessaries plus the kinky boots and the spare dressing for the war wound. Then off to the garage to fit onto my high-powered 90cc Honda moped. The last thing is to strap on the uniform, all zipped up in the plastic covering bag secured to the back of the bike by an expensive one of five for a quid bungee from Poundland.

The journey to the theatre passed without incident. I said hallo to a few fellow thespians before turning to the task of untying the uniform from the bike. What uniform! It was with a sense of surprise and sadness that I noticed my expensive one of five for a quid bungee from Poundland had failed on its first outing, leaving the uniform somewhere between home and my destination.

I was now left in a sort of quandary. How could I face the ire of Julie and the derision of the rest of the cast! There was only one solution - I would have to behave bravely and take the consequences like many a staunch British soldier previously faced with such a problem - I would desert and leave for the Continent.

Not a decision made lightly as thoughts raced through my mind. After all, think of all the joys I would sacrifice. The glory of the English summer, the thrill of watching Norwich City at home, the intelligent banter of the Jeremy Kyle show on television.....

I decided to desert.

Nothing for it but to head home, say an emotional farewell to the dog, and leave a note for the wife. With luck and a following wind I could reach Ipswich by nightfall, and tomorrow the Kent coast. The bike whizzed away, and I set myself for the long journey ahead.

Passing along Chapelfield Road, however, I noticed some kind soul had picked up the package and had placed it on some railings for future collection. Thus relieved, I picked up the uniform and made my way once again to the Maddermarket, where, I am glad to say, my late arrival caused little concern.

The incident, however, reaffirmed my decision to quit the army. All that bull and shouting. I may go to Japan next year. The incident, also, left me with a few more grey hairs on my balding pate. I remember thinking at the time, I didn't anticipate that when I first put the uniform on!

Member Profile - Caroline Frosdick
1. What was your first show with ENOS?
The Sorcerer and The Zoo - but had to pull out due to having to care for my mother when she suffered a major injury.

2. What was or is your favourite ENOS show and why?
I haven't done that many with ENOS yet (still a newby to singing G&S) but loved doing Gondoliers and really looking forward to Mikado as it was my introduction to G&S many many years ago as a child. There's a lot of difference watching G&S to being in it (trust me!!!).

3. Your most disliked food?
Tripe - I'd have to be starving to eat it - used to prepare it for the dogs food so know where its come from what its done and where its been!

4. Your favourite film or TV show?
Gosh really too many to mention but let me think - BBC's adaptation of Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth (I watch this when I'm off ill from work) and New Tricks TV series which always makes me laugh - the humour is dry and brilliant!!!

5. The part you would most like to play on stage (not necessarily G&S but anything, anyhow, anywhere)?
Katisha in the Mikado if I could sing better - I love the baddies - or the Wicked Witch of the East/West in The Wizard of Oz. Have already played the Wicked step-mother.

6. Any irritating habits, that is - your own??
Probably many as far as others are concerned . Me personally? I snore. There, I've admitted it .... it's genetic.

7. Most embarassing moment?
A long time ago now - when I replied to an email a friend had sent me about someone we had met and didn't get on with, to the very person we were talking about - learnt that lesson very quickly. Be very, very sure of your address books and look what you've selected and typed in your "To" section of an email.

8. Favourite animal?
Another difficult one. Was bought up with Great Danes but now have two cats so it's got to be Otters or is that Ocelots?

9. First musical memory?
RAF pantomime my dad took us to (I was about 5-7 years old) when four hulking great men wore pink tutus and hobnails boots and danced to the Sugar Plum Fairy.

10. What did you have for breakfast (day not specified)?
Don't nomally have breakfast (I know I know I'm supposed to) but must have a cup of TEA TEA and TEA. before I can function. About to have banana though if thats ok?

Plans for 50th Anniversary
Your Committee and its 50th Anniversary Sub Committee, have been working hard to put together an exciting programme of event to celebrate our big anniversary in 2009. The first night of The Mikado will be celebrated by a Gala Night at which all the audience will be offered a free glass of bubbly and to share in the celebratory cake. This will be incorporated with our usual Chairman's Night, so many of our friends from other societies will be joining us to enjoy the fun!

Margaret Collingwood and Marion Jackson have organised an Anniversary Ball to be held at the Norfolk Broads Yachtclub, Wroxham on Friday, 29th May with dinner and live music. Ticket price to be announced.

On 11th July, we are holding a Gala Concert at the Maddermarket Theatre, we are planning to announce a surprise guest compere. It is hoped that patrons, as well as present members, will take part. It is intended to keep the same cast for The Mikado as will have just performed the show but auditions will be held on Sunday, 15th March, for the other items. The programme is as follows:

1. The Mikado
Entrance of the Mikado/A more humane Mikado

Finale Act 1
2. The Gondoliers
For the merriest fellows are we

Regular royal Queen

When a merry maiden marries

Take a pair of sparkling eyes

Dance a Cachuca
3. HMS Pinafore
We sail the ocean blue

Over the bright blue sea

Sir Joseph's barge is seen

Hail men of war's men

A British tar

Never mind the why and wherefore

4. Yeomen of the Guard
Tower Warders

Here's a man of jollity

I have a song to sing O

Tell a tale of cock and bull

Strange adventure
5. Iolanthe
Tripping hither

Peer's chorus

Soon as we may

None shall part us from each other

When Britain really ruled the waves
6. Pirates of Penzance
Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry

I am the very model of a modern Major-General

Poor wand'ring one

When the foeman bares his steel

Hail! Poetry!

Sheila Tuffield is organising a West End trip to see a top London show on 5th September. More details to follow as this will be booked in January. A coach will take us to London so that we can enjoy a meal as well as taking in a show and even, perhaps, a little shopping!

We are also intending to produce commemorative merchandise for the 50th Anniversary, with specially commissioned mugs, clothing and glasses. Our usual logo of the ENOS conductor has been re-designed for this year only, with the result below incorporating The Mikado fan motif:

Fan logo

And lastly..dates for your diaries:

Theatre 101, 27-30 November, Cinderella, Norwich Puppet Theatre

Sheringham Savoyards, 28 & 29 November, The Magic Lozenge, Sheringham Little Theatre

Sunday, 7 December in the afternoon - Carol Singing at Wroxham Barns

Tuesday, 16 December: Half an evening of rehearsal followed by a Christmas Bunfight at Saxon Lodge.

HATS Panto, 15-18 January Humpty Dumpty, Horning Village Hall

Saturday, 24 January: New Year Party, courtesy of Robert & Margaret Collingwood, at Saxon Lodge, Wroxham. Tickets £7.00