Newsletter - Autumn 2009

Officers of the Society 2009/10

President ......................................
Chairman ......................................
Treasurer .....................................
Secretary ......................................
Asst. Secretary .............................
Patrons' Secretary ........................
Sheila Tuffield
Robin Richardson
John Bill
Ros Swetman
Vivienne Plunkett
Marion Jackson


Beryl Meaden, Caroline Lee, Larry Pendleton, Matthew Plunkett, Clive Swetman

Ruddigore 5-8 May 2010

Following our very successful 50th Anniversary production of The Mikado and the summer concert 'Now Give Three Cheers', the next production will be Ruddigore to be performed at The Maddermarket Theatre in May 2010. Music rehearsals will continue up to the Christmas break. From January production rehearsals will commence.
The Musical Director is Eric James and the Stage Director, Margaret Collingwood.

Auditions were held on 4th October and the results shown below.

Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd (disguised as Robin Oakapple) ..
Richard Dauntless (his Foster-brother) ............................
Sir Despard Murgatroyd (a Wicked Baronet) ...................
Old Adam Goodheart (Robin's faithful Servant) ...............
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd (a Ghost, the 21st Baronet) ........
Rose Maybud (a Village Maiden) ......................................
Mad Margaret ...................................................................
Dame Hannah (Rose's Aunt) .............................................
Zorah (a Professional Bridesmaid) ...................................
Ruth  (a Professional Bridesmaid) ....................................
Tom Corfield
Andrew Inglis
Clive Swetman
Robert Collingwood
Mark Horner
Gennie Plunkett
Sally Anne Clarke
Ros Swetman
Victoria Seals
Anne Richardson

As might be expected from previous experience, Margaret is not planning a traditional production. The setting is a North Norfolk coastal village in the Second World War, complete with Home Guard, American GIs and land girls! Not to be missed!


William Smith

We are sad to report the death of William Smith of the Maddermarket Theatre. William had been a great help to the production team of ENOS, giving his support and advice with patience and generousity. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and colleagues. We extend our sympathy to Lucy and his family.

Our Anniversary Year

The Mikado was, of course, the highlight of the 50th Anniversary year, playing to excellent houses who were extremely appreciative of the high standard of the production. We were delighted to be joined in the audience by members of the past, including members of the 1959 cast of the show. The first night was celebrated with a fabulous party and the cutting of the wonderful commemorative cake, by Robin Richardson, the Chairman, and Sheila Tuffield, our President.

The Mikado had started the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary year in grand style. At the end of May, a Black Tie Ball was held at the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, Wroxham. A superb picturesque venue, glorious weather, a cordon bleu menu and an excellent live band made it the social highlight of the year. Members past and present mixed with friends from other societies for an unforgettable evening.

Our Younger Members - girls

Our Younger Members - boys


In July, the society performed a special gala concert at the Maddermarket Theatre, performing excerpts from the favourite G & S operas. Ian Masters, the former BBC Look East presenter, delighted all with his skills as compere, even managing to chat to members of the audience – and finding, yet again, original 1959 members who had come along for another chance to join in the fun.

All in all, the perfect end to a busy, but rewarding, year of success and celebration.

Here’s to the next 50, ENOS!

Congratulations to Luke and Laura Davey on their wedding on 25 July.
Much happiness to you both.

Congratulations also to Teresa and John Clayton on the birth of their second son 
James Thomas (brother to William) born  29th July 2009.

We are all missing the company of Derek Cousins this year; sadly, this is due to the sudden illness of his wife, Mary, who suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. Derek writes: "Mary is now in rehabilitation at the Julian Hospital (West Norwich).  Bad days follow good days but her spirit is as strong as ever, and we have great hope that Mary will return home within the next two weeks.  I have bought a special bed and a room has been set aside for her comfort.  We are going through the usual process of organising carers etc. and a special ramp will have to be provided at some stage if we can cope with the wheelchair, although this is still some way ahead as Mary can barely support herself.  The left side of her body was paralysed but she is making good progress with the left leg but the arm is still virtually useless.
The good thing for all of us is that Mary can communicate, and has still that sharp humour, making her very good company even with her difficulties".
We wish Derek and Mary all the very best during this period of recovery.


Our youngest member, Ellen Jepson, won one of four places in a national competition to act on a young person's jury judging the Childen's Rights Award. This success resulted in a trip to London meeting top media personalities.

Here is Ellen's report:

Since 1988 the One World Media organisation has been holding the One World Media Awards which celebrates the best films, newspaper articles and radio programmes about the developing world.   
At the beginning of this year One World Media held a nationwide competition to find four 16-21 year olds to judge the winner of the Children’s Rights Award, one of the twelve awards presented at this year’s ceremony. The competition entry consisted of answering two questions in under four hundred words each:

Question 1: How can media contribute towards the rights of children and young people worldwide?

Question 2: If you are selected as a member of the youth jury, what would you look for in the entries to the Children’s Rights Award?

    The successful candidates were invited to London for two days. The two days consisted of activities including visiting the ITN building to watch the live broadcast of Channel 4’s lunchtime news and speaking to the presenter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Following this were talks at the Unicef offices about children’s rights and meeting with Jezza Neumann and Mike Thomson.

Jezza Neumann won the Children’s Rights award last year with his documentary, ‘China’s Stolen Children’, which is an in depth search into the child trafficking trade in China due to their ‘one child policy’. Mike Thomson is a BBC correspondent and has previously won the One World Media Award for Broadcast Journalist of the year. The unique experiences Mike Thomson and Jezza Neumann have had meant that they could offer advice about what to look  for in the short listed entries.

Prior to the activities in London the youth jurors were sent eleven short listed entries. There was a discussion on the second day about thoughts on each entry and which three entries were believed to be most deserving of the award. After much debating the three finalists were selected:

1. Dispatches: Saving Africa’s Witch Children
2. India’s Trafficked Girls
3. The Children’s Ward

    In addition to the judging process, the second day was spent at The Guardian and The Observer building. This included a tour hosted by Tracey McVeigh and then talking to her about her experiences in journalism. Tracey McVeigh is the Observer’s Chief Reporter and has travelled all over the world for her reports.
    The experience concluded with the One World Media Awards Ceremony which took place on the 22nd June at the Brewery in London. In which the young jurors presented the winner of the Children’s Rights Award: Dispatches: Saving Africa’s Witch Children. The whole experience was exciting and a very valuable opportunity.

We all send our warmest congratulations to Ellen who has had outstanding success with her GCSE results as well as fitting in The Mikado. Well done indeed!

Ellen is pictured far left with her fellow panellists and BBC Correspondent Fergal Keane.


At the AGM in September, we were delighted to invite Sue Dupont, our regional NODA rep, to present NODA Long Service Awards to Janet Barley, Anne Richardson and Pat Tegerdine. These awards are presented to those who have not only acted on stage but who have also worked tirelessly on behalf of their societies in wardrobe, etc. Our thanks and congratulations go to all three.

Diary Dates

We look forward to 15 December, when we have the fun of half a rehearsal followed by the rest of the evening in the comfort of Robert and Margaret Collingwood's home, Saxon Lodge. This is free to members, but those attending should bring a plate and a bottle.


Robert and Margaret are also letting us return on Saturday, 23 January for the New Year's Party. Details to follow.


We will be enjoying carol singing at Wroxham Barns on two occasions this year:
Thursday, 26 November from 6.30 and Sunday, 6 December from 1-2, then 3-4.
We will rehearse on 24 November in the second half of the evening.


The Sprowston Parish Players present PINOCCHIO :
7.30 Friday 29th January, 3.00 & 7.30 Saturday 30th January and
3.00 Sunday 31st January at St Cuthbert’s Church Centre, Wroxham Road, Sprowston. Adults £4.50, £2.00 Children. From Sheila Tuffield.
Proceeds to Church and Society funds, and the Brian Gunn Leukaemia Appeal.

Theatre 101 presents:
“Old Mother Hubbard” on Thursday 26th November 2009 with an evening show at 7.30 pm and continues with a Friday evening show at 7.30pm on 27th November. On Saturday 28th November, there is a matinee show at 2.30pm and an evening show at 7.30pm. The final performance will be a matinee show at 2.30 pm on Sunday 29th November.
Tickets are priced at £8 for adults and £6 for concessions (children, OAPs and UB40). A family ticket (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children) is available for £25. Seats can be reserved by ringing the ticket hotline 01603 304747 or by contacting the Puppet Theatre on 01603 629921.


Horning Panto at the Village Hall is Puss In Boots- 14th-17th January, 7:30, Sunday matinee 2:30.


Sheringham Savoyards present their autumn show, "Tantantara! Tzing! Boom!" to be held at the Little Theatre, Sheringham on 27 and 28 November. Tickets from the theatre 01263 822347.

Member Profile - Victoria Seals

1. What was your first show with ENOS?
Mikado 2009

2. What was or is your favourite ENOS show and why?
Well, Ruddigore will only be my second show with the society, but I think its going to be a favourite of mine, especially as I will be playing the part of Zorah and singing solo on stage for the first time.

3. Your most disliked food.
Brussel Sprouts

4. Your favourite film or TV show.
Top Gear

5. The part you would most like to play on stage (not necessarily G&S but anything, anyhow, anywhere).
Nancy in Oliver. It's one of my favourite musicals, mostly because of Nancy's "Oom pah pah!" song.

6. Any irritating habits, that is - your own.
I love baking, and I try to use as many bowls and spoons as possible in the process.... but I hate tidying up, so I always leave the mess for my Mum. However, she is always the first to sample whatever culinary delight I've created, so I think its a fair deal!
7. Most embarassing moment.
Slipping on a puddle of water in the girls' toilets at high school and falling flat on my face whilst exclaiming "Ooops-a-daisy!". It took exactly 3 seconds for my friends to stop putting their make-up on and start laughing so much that none of them could help me up.

8. Favourite animal.
Ducks. I used to love going to the park to feed them when I was younger.

9 . First musical memory.
Singing along and dancing to Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman with my grandad.

10. What did you have for breakfast (day not specified).
I'm not really a morning person, so breakfast is generally at lunchtime, which makes it perfectly acceptable that I normally have something like a Cheese & Pickle sandwich!

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