Newsletter - Autumn 2010

Officers of the Society 2010/11

President ......................................Sheila Tuffield
Chairman ......................................Robin Richardson
Treasurer .....................................John Bill
Secretary ......................................Margaret Collingwood
Asst. Secretary .............................Vivienne Plunkett
Patrons' Secretary ........................Marion Jackson


Beryl Meaden, Caroline Lee, Larry Pendleton, Gennie Plunkett, Victoria Seals, Paddy Wildman

Editor’s Note

Hello Everybody, and welcome to another ENOS Newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me by contributing stories, articles and information to this, my very first newsletter, which I hope you all enjoy!

Best Wishes,

Victoria “Tod” Seals.


A massive “Well Done” to the entire cast and
crew behind last Summer’s production of Ruddigore!

The show was an undeniable success, with the wartime-themed change of setting proving to be a hit with audience members both old and new.

ENOS also received fantastic reviews from thepress and NODA, both of which are still available to read on our website,
along with a few photos from our Dress Rehearsal at The Maddermarket Theatre.
Ruddigore Picture


Our AGM was held on Tuesday 7th September 2010. We were pleased with attendance and were very happy to see so many of our patrons.

We were delighted to welcome John Warburton to present NODA Long Service Awards John & Jean Weeks (25 Year Badges), Graham Anderton (20 Year Badge) and Marion Jackson (10 Year Badge).

We also saw Ros Swetman hand over the Secretarial reins to Margaret Collingwood and welcomed Gennie Plunkett, Victoria Seals and Paddy Wildman onto the Committee. In addition to her place on the Committee, Paddy has agreed to take on the role of Production Co-Ordinator following Janet Barley’s decision to leave the post after 5 very hard-working and greatly appreciated years.

Awards, John & Jean Weeks Awards, Graham Anderton Awards, Marion Jackson


Iolanthe 4-7 May 2011

ENOS’ next production, Iolanthe, will be performed at The Maddermarket Theatre in May 2011.
Our Musical Director will be Stella Brownsea and our Stage Director will be Trevor Thurston.
Auditions for the principal parts were held on Sunday 3 October 2010 and the results are below.

The Lord Chancellor.....
Alan Weyman
Earl of Mountararat.......
Mark Horner
Earl Tolloller.................
Steve Holmes
Private Willis.................
Robin Richardson
Andrew Inglis
Queen of the Fairies.....
Pam Warren
Margaret Collingwood
Victoria Seals
Torry Zglinska
Anne Richardson
Gennie Plunkett

MEMBER PROFILE- Torry Zglinska

1. What was your first show with ENOS?
Ruddigore in 2009.

2. What was or is your favourite ENOS show and why?
Er, seeing as I've only done one that's hard but I really enjoyed last year. I'd never done Ruddigore before and never seen it so it was a challenge. I'm really looking forward to Iolanthe though as it's my favourite.

3. Your most disliked food.
I like pretty much everything but I am allergic to cherries and cinnamon but I'd say they dislike me more than I dislike them.

4. Your favourite film or TV show.
Has to be Star Trek, I'm a huge Trekkie, mainly the Next Generation series though.

5. The part you would most like to play on stage (not necessarily G&S but anything, anyhow, anywhere).
Mrs. Drudge in "The Real Inspector Hound" again, she's the dotty old housekeeper. I just love that part it has the best short speech ever written in a comedy. If you have never seen it or read it I'd recommend looking it up.
Torry Zglinska

6. Any irritating habits, that is - your own.
Loads, probably too many to mention. I wash my hands a lot, and I'm reliably informed I talk lots of rubbish, and Cheryl says if she had to name two she'd say I get easily distracted and I'm a bit obsessive, probably not a good combo.

7. Most embarrassing moment.
Er, I think I manage to embarrass myself daily. I mean, just this week I forgot what an air-raid shelter was called and had to ask Gennie in front of everyone in the company.

8. Favourite animal.
Cat. They're just so funny and even though it's cupboard love I find them comforting to cuddle.

9 . First musical memory.
My dad singing us Polish nursery rhymes as kids. There's a really cute one about 2 kittens.

10. What did you have for breakfast (day not specified).
Er today I had Oatso Simple and tried it with Rice Dream. It was horrid and I shan't be doing that again!

Ernie Good wrote this in 2009, for the ENOS 50th Anniversary Booklet, which is still in the pipeline.
He sadly died on 3rd October, aged 94.

I joined the Society during the winter of 1975. They were rehearsing for a concert in Wroxham Church Hall. I was not in it so I went to help Jim Dodd (the Stage Manager) back stage, which was the start of a long association in which we worked on scenery.
The Show that season was ‘The Gondoliers’ at Broadland High School. We had to make our own costumes. My wife, Hilda, was very good at this.
The rostrums were kept under the stage and had to be got out, together with the raised platform for the audience which had to be set up at the rear of the school hall. We had to set out the chairs, which had to be joined together, and letters attached to the end of each row.
I also used to install the lighting, which we had to hire from Strand Electric. Jim Dodd also made a lot of flood lamps, and over the years we bought quite a good selection.
The scenery used to be made by Jim and painted by Mrs Renee Bower. The scenery was stored at Rose’s Farm. We were joined by Frank Batte, who was first class at making props. It was also at this time that my wife Hilda joined up with Nora Batte to help with the refreshments, which they did at rehearsals for many years, and at the shows under the direction of Ella Brough. Ella was a founder member and the Honorary Business Manager and was in charge of Front of House.
David Kett was the conductor and later Dennis Johnson, and who could forget Grace Spooner at the piano? (Grace and I also worked in Meals on Wheels). Grace went to live with her daughter in Lancaster.
Forbes Wright used to make audio recordings of our shows .
Over the years the Society has travelled many miles, giving concerts. For quite a while we worked with Gilbert and Sullivan For All at Cromer with Donald Adams and Thomas Round. Donald Adams came to sing with us in concert at the Maddermarket. He was going to be our president when he suddenly died.
I remember going to perform in a concert at a top girls school at Southwold.
I look back and find since my first show I have taken part in one way or another in every one. My last show was ‘the Yeomen of the Guard’. I also have the honour of being made an Honorary Member. I wish the Society every success.
Ernie Good

Diary Dates

Theatre 101’s next production, “Beauty and the Beast”, opens on Thursday 25th November 2010 with an evening show at 7.30 pm and continues with a Friday evening show at 7.30pm on 26th November. On Saturday 27th November, there is a matinee show at 2.30pm and an evening show at 7.30pm. The final performance will be a matinee show at 2.30 pm on Sunday 28th November.
Tickets are priced at 8 for adults and 6 for concessions (children, OAPs and UB40). A family ticket (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children) is available for 25. Seats can be reserved by contacting the Puppet Theatre on 01603 629921.

Sheringham Savoyards are putting on their Autumn show at the Little Theatre in Sheringham on November 26th and 27th at 7.30pm. They are putting on “The Zoo” and “Trial by Jury” The show is being produced by Patrick Monk. The M.D. is Karen Smith.

The Nonsuch Singers will lead an “Advent Evensong” at Happisburgh Church. 4pm on the 28th November.

Barton Turf & District Choral Society's “Christmas Concert”. 6.30pm on the 5th December at Barton Turf Church.

Horning Amateur Theatrical Society (HATS) present “Pantomime – Aladdin” at Horning Village Hall
13th to the 16th January 2011 - 7.30pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 2.30pm on Sunday.
Tickets 7 and concessions 6 - available from Anne Richardson at ENOS or on 01692 630922

Sprowston Parish Players present “Treasure Island” at St Cuthbert’s Church.
It will be playing at 7.30pm on 28th & 29th January 2011,
with 3pm Matinee Performances on the 29th & 30th January 2011. 4.50 for Adults, 3 for Children.
Tickets available from Sheila Tuffield 01603 419896

Upcoming ENOS Events
Carols by ENOS
at Wroxham Barns Family Day. Sunday 5th December at 2.00pm.

ENOS Bunfight 14th December from 8:30pm at Saxon Lodge.

ENOS New Year’s Party 22nd January 2011 from 7:30pm at Saxon Lodge.
Tickets available from Sheila Tuffield (number as above) until 10th January 2011

ENOS Spring Newsletter available on 3rd March 2011.
Please could anybody who has any interesting stories, diary dates or any relative information please email them to
Victoria Seals at by 21st February 2011.


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