Newsletter - Spring 2011

Officers of the Society 2010/11

President .......................................Sheila Tuffield
Chairman .......................................Robin Richardson
Treasurer ......................................John Bill
Secretary .......................................Margaret Collingwood
Asst. Secretary .............................Vivienne Plunkett
Patrons' Secretary ........................Marion Jackson


Beryl Meaden, Caroline Lee, Larry Pendleton, Gennie Plunkett, Victoria Seals, Paddy Wildman

Editor’s Note

Hello Everybody, and welcome to another ENOS Newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me by contributing stories, articles and information.

Best Wishes,

Victoria “Tod” Seals.

2012 Show - Princess Ida

After much deliberation, it has been decided that the ENOS 2012 Show will be Princess Ida.
Dates and Details will follow in the next Newsletter.

Iolanthe 4 - 7th may 2011

Good luck to everybody who is taking part on and off-stage in this year’s production. A lot of hard work is going into it and I’m sure its going to be a fantastic show. Don’t miss it!!

Parties, Parties, Parties...

A wonderful time was had by all who attended the Bunfight in December and the New Year Celebration in January. Thank you to everybody who helped in the planning and organisation of these events, for those who treated us to their culinary sensations at the New Year Party, and a very special thank you to the Collingwood Family for their hospitality in welcoming us into their home for both events.
Also, well done to the winner of the New Year Party quiz, Patrick Monk!

New Arrival

Congratulations to Rachel Goodchild on the recent arrival of her 2nd baby girl, Tilly Daisy Goodchild, born on 13th January 2011 and weighing 7lbs 5oz. She is apparently a good child by name and nature, as at only five weeks old she already wakes up only once in the night.

Rachel says she would love to come and sing with the society again, but not for a while yet. Maybe when Tilly is as old as her big sister, Poppy, who has just turned 2.
Tilly Goodchild

Pat's Naughty Bits...

Pat Tegerdine Feb. 2011.

Many will know I that I have been doing Am Dram for a number of years!? So I thought I would share with you some of my more outrageous moments.

At the tender age of 21, I nearly packed it in when partnered with a gentleman whose heavy military costume in Veronique, meant that he was awash with, not to put too fine a point on it, sweat!? When one is supposed to dance cheek to cheek?! Hey gross!

The end of Cromer Pier is an interesting place to perform. I don't know if back stage has improved, but back in 1974 the Ladies dressing room was a cupboard with a view of the sea through the floorboards. I know we think Maddermarket is cosy backstage, but I've changed in some very tight places over the years. St Georges in Yarmouth was a good example, the dressing room was about the size of the kitchen at Wroxham Hall and everyone had to dress there, men, women, and principals all: about 30 of us!

The time in "Amelia Goes to the Ball", when playing a scatty maid, I had to move a chair for the heroine to sit down on. Having got hold of it by its antique balloon back, it promptly came away in my hand! Luckily my character allowed me to make a big thing of it so hopefully no one in the audience noticed the blunder, though the rest of the cast were killing themselves!

Then there was the time during "Magic Flute" when 6 of us girls were waiting in the dressing room to go, talking, as you do, when suddenly we heard the opening music for our next chorus over the speaker. Boy did we move. We nearly knocked the producer over as we rushed through the wings (this was from the 3rd floor at the Theatre Royal, I was quite nimble in those days!).

I have a photo of several 'nuns' in "Faust" (in the time when you were allowed to smoke wherever you wanted), hanging over the dividing mirrored screen in the ladies dressing room at Theatre Royal, fags going and booze in the other hand . We knew how to boogie in those days too!?

Oh and we've all stepped out of a petticoat when the elastic goes on stage, luckily never my pants!

The Cathedral has seen some sights; all dressed in harem costume passing 'jewels' from one to the other when someone passes a bath plug complete with chain... Oh the 'acting' that went on before it could be dropped back into the casket. The showers in the Boys changing rooms at the King ED school saw Nubian Slaves being scrubbed of their black skin... It was quite cool in January (again in harem dress) racing from one exit door to east door for ones next entry (we got some very funny glances). Again at the Cathedral, that stone floor is very very cold after dress rehearsal, when I had to kneel for 10 minutes dressed as Elizabeth Fry. I strapped cushions to my knees! They did not show under the dress and boy it made all that kneeling bearable.

There we all stood on a plinth; all squashed in together, about 12 of us SATB all in skimpy Greek costumes. Unfortunately the plinth had a roof measuring 5ft 11inches and one bass in our number was 6ft 3inches tall; head way out through the top, needless to say we all got the giggles, thank goodness it was only a dress rehearsal. I don't want to bore you anymore but only to say that all my memories have been hilarious and I've really enjoyed every minute.

HENRY A HEADDEN 1921 - 2010

Better known to us all as Harry, he died on the 8th December, aged 89.

Harry was born in Rosyth, Scotland. After attending local schools he decided, at the outbreak of war, to volunteer to join the Royal Navy. He then volunteered for submarine service. After the war he worked in the dockyards of Rosyth as an accountant but was head-hunted by HMSO and that is how he came to Norwich.

Harry joined East Norfolk Operatic Society in 1975 having spent the previous 2 years helping with make-up for our shows. The last show of ours he sang in was The Yeomen of the Guard in 2007, but still joined in with concerts and was always on duty at Front of House.

ENOS made him Honorary Life Vice President in November 2010.

Harry's funeral was held on Thursday 23rd December at St. Matthew's Church, Telegraph Lane, Norwich where he had been a member for many years. Members of ENOS and Encore sang "The Lord's my Shepherd".

Harry was widowed twice and leaves a son Paul, a grandson Dan and granddaughter Becky.

How we loved to hear his many funny and interesting stories. He will be greatly missed by us all.

MEMBER PROFILE - Matthew Plunkett

1. What was your first show with ENOS?
 Patience 2008.

2. What was or is your favourite ENOS show and why?
The Mikado in 2009

3. Your most disliked food.
Mushrooms. Why? They serve no purpose!

4. Your favourite film or TV show.
Film would probably be either Lord of the Rings or Moulin Rouge. TV show is definitely Glee at the moment!

5. The part you would most like to play on stage (not necessarily G&S but anything, anyhow, anywhere).
For G&S it would be the Major General. Outside of that Riff-Raff in Rocky Horror

6. Any irritating habits, that is - your own.
Always being right. Also I do crack my knuckles quite a lot, which annoys people

7. Most embarrassing moment.
Age 14 at the end of school concert. My amp didn't work and I completely lost my temper in front of the whole audience. It turned out that I hadn't plugged it in!!

8. Favourite animal.
Definitely Toby, our black Labrador

9 . First musical memory.
Singing Once in Royal David City at the Carol Service in Drayton, aged about 8/9

10. What did you have for breakfast (day not specified).
Monday to Thursday, Mini Weetabix,Friday a sausage sandwich with lots of tomato sauce! mmmmmmmm tasty!!

Diary Dates

Theatre 101 presents "The Fourcast is Comedy" .
Theatre 101's next production will be four short one act comedy plays, which shall be:
 'Round The World With Class Six' by Nick Warburton , 'A Little Box Of Oblivion' by Stephen Bean
 'The Crimson Companion' by Paul Foot , 'The Bell Knolled His Knell' by J W Mussard
Performances are at The Norwich Puppet Theatre on Saturday 30th April at 7.30pm and on Sunday 1st May at 4pm.
Tickets are priced at £7 for adults and £5 for concessions (children, OAPs and UB40).
A family ticket (2 adults, 2 children or 1 adult, 3 children) is available for £20.
Seats can be reserved by contacting the Puppet Theatre on 01603 629921 or Jeanette on 01603 439449.

Horning Amatuer Theatrical Society (HATS) present "Let HATS Sing for your Supper"
a variety show with cold supper - bring your own drinks
Friday and Saturday 17th and 18th June @ 7.30pm at Horning Village Hall.
Tickets from Dick Turpin on 01692 631351

Upcoming ENOS Events

"An Evening with Gilbert & Sullivan" 7.30pm on 19th March 2011 to be held at St. David's Church, Plumstead Road, Thorpe End.
Tickets are £8.50 (A glass of wine and light refreshments included) and are available from:
Thorpe End Post office 01603433211, Annette Jude 01603270090, and on the door.
Proceeds go to church funds.

Concert at St. Cuthbert's Church, Wroxham Road, Sprowston on June 11th 2011.
Tickets available from Margaret Collingwood. (Rehearsals start 17th May)

Concert at St. Botolphs Church, Back Street, Trunch on 15th October 2011.

ENOS Summer Newsletter available on 14th July 2011.
Please could anybody who has any interesting stories, diary dates or any relative information please email them to
Victoria Seals at by 30th June 2011.


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