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Officers of the Society 2015/16

President Sheila Tuffield
Chairman Margaret Collingwood
Secretary Edmund Ramsdale
Treasurer John Bill

Committee: Karen Dawson, Rachel Goodchild, Sue Norgate, Anne Richardson, Fran Robson, Clive Swetman, Keith Swetman, Paddy Wildman

Patrons' Secretary      Janet Barley

Hello members and patrons of ENOS!

Our Autumn  newsletter is here with the latest news from the shows, past and future, and the usual bits and pieces from our ENOS family. Our auditions have taken place for the production next May at the Maddermarket of The Gondoliers, always a crowd pleaser! We are delighted to welcome our old ENOS friend, Patrick Monk, as director with me, Ros Swetman, as MD. Music rehearsals are now under way, with lots to do, as this is a big show with lots of ensemble work.

Meanwhile, we wish you all the best for the autumn – soon be Christmas!!!

Your editors

Ros & Clive Swetman

sorcerer pic

Let this be a warning to anyone who misbehaves!

Audition Results - The Gondoliers

Gianetta        to be announced
Marco to be announced
Guiseppe to be announced
Tessa Teresa Clayton
Casilda Rachel Goodchild
Luiz Jen Alexander
The Duke of Plaza-Toro Edmund Ramsdale
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro Pat Tegerdine
Don Alhambra
Keith Swetman

Luke Davey
John Bill
Robin Richardson
to be announced
Sue Norgate
Fran Robson
Marion Jackson

We anticipate being able to announce the complete cast within the next few weeks.

My Other Life - Sue Coleman

Sue Coleman

The original suggestion for this article was to write about why I chose to study for a Biochemistry degree in my early 30s, a question that was asked in such a way as to suggest that it was an impossible type of degree to want to study at any age. However, as I signed up nearly 20 years ago, the reasons are becoming a little vague - as am I! Those of you trying to reconcile the sums here should remember that I've been one of Iolanthe’s sisters three times with this company (and I played Iolanthe in the school production too)! We never grow old!

The simple answer to the question of why I took the degree in the first place was that I needed better qualifications than my A level results would allow; however, I came to realise over the course of the degree that I enjoyed studying and learning; there was a stimulation to be had from finding out that I hadn't really got to grips with as a teenager, but which got to grips with me over the four years of my undergraduate degree. I should explain that the degree course I signed up for was called Inter-disciplinary Science and had the added attraction of a foundation year during which I effectively re-took my A levels, but this time did well in them.

By the end of my degree I was hooked and wanted to continue with the learning. My grades were sufficiently good to enable me to apply for a PhD studentship, which became my full time post for nearly four years. My thesis still has pride of place on the bookshelf, although I haven't had to use much of the information it contains –and the techniques described in it are probably out of date these days.

After eight years of studying I thought I'd had enough, so was happy to sign up for full time work. However, after a couple of changes my new role meant that I was learning again; on the job training in quality management. With much help from my colleagues I was able to obtain the necessary accreditation for the company to trade. I was also given another academic opportunity; this time it was to take on a part time MBA, again at UEA. This entailed three hours on a Wednesday evening as well as two weekends each term for each unit, as well as the studying and learning that goes on behind the teaching sessions. By the end of the 27 months, I was done, no more studying.

So to today. I've changed job again, which has taken me back to UEA, this time as an administrator. I'm in a team that uses money from the European Union to invest into small and medium-sized companies in the East of England that innovating in the low carbon field. As the team moves forwards there is scope for learning more in a number of ways, all of which could be considered; taking lessons in either Chinese or Japanese, studying for accountancy exams or looking further at environmental science. It looks as though I haven't finished learning yet!

Chorus Lines - Derek Cousins

Derek Cousins

Our lovely bass, Derek Cousins, is not rehearsing with us at the time of publication, due to recovering from a nasty fall. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and in the meantime, are delighted to share one of his classic pieces of writing!

'Chorus Lines'

It's a sad life inside the mens' chorus
For audiences tend to ignore us.
What we want, don't ye know,
Is to sing the WHOLE show
With no-one behind or before us!

Said a cad to a girl in the chorus,
"Let's disrobe, go back stage, and explore us!"
But she put down this rake -
"My honour's at stake-
What would Margaret say if she saw us!"

According to Roget's Thesaurus
Strange rituals take place inthe chorus -
The odd sacrifice
Of a virgin – not nice!
That's according to Roget's Thesaurus.

Can chorus decline into chorum
As in, say, omnibus/omniborum?
I may look absurd
If I misuse this word
So I need to proceed with decorum!

Said a lad to a girl in the chorus
"Our futures lie jointly before us"
"No, no sir" said she
"For I'm Gemini-
I could never make love to a Taurus!"

An elderly gent (dinosaurus)
Was refused by a girl in the chorus
"It's useless, poor Reggie
You see, I'm a veggie
And you, I suspect, omnivorous!"

A rain-sodden lad in the chorus
Was given a coat by Dolores
It had no arms at all
Was, in fact, far too small
And, saddest of all, it was porous!

The pride of ENOS is the chorus
It's no wonder our fans all adore us!
On stage, we're supreme,
The Society's cream
Each note is precise and quite flawless!

Margaret's 60th

Unbelievable, we know, but our dear Margaret Collingwood turned 60 in August! She and the family enjoyed her special day in Edinburgh whilst supporting youngest daughter Julia in a Norwich School production of 'Grease' at the Fringe Festival.
Meanwhile, those ENOS members who are talented in a crafty way (!) devised a box of cards and momentos for Margaret to take with her to Bonny Scotland to open on her birthday. The results were rather impressive as can be seen from the pictures that Margaret took.

cardbox pic    

The Sorcerer - May 2015

Not amongst the most popular or even well-known shows, but we are certain that our production last May will have won the opera many new fans! Keith Swetman made his directing debut, with Margaret and Rebecca Collingwood in charge of choreography. Robin and team, with artists Colin and Isobel, created a beautiful set (as always). We also enjoyed the talents of Martin Milnes, who delighted in the role of Alexis, as well as two new members, Jen Alexander and Rowan Perrow. They played Dr Daly and Constance respectively with great style and panache. Rowan is now studying for a degree in music at Goldsmith's College, University of London, so how lucky we were to have her, even if it was for just one show! We are thrilled that Jen is joining us again for The Gondoliers, in the role of Luiz.

The review below comes from the NODA representative, Terry Rymer:

East Norfolk Operatic Society, ‘The Sorcerer’;
Maddermarket Theatre 6th May 2015
Director; Keith Swetman,
MD, Ros Swetman,
Choreography, Margaret Collingwood.

This ‘Sorcerer’ conjured up a little bit of magic for ENOS. This ‘magic’ is evident in the wonderful and refreshingly enthusiastic involvement of the chorus for this show; they were superb throughout. Magic, also in its true sense, with sufficient mystery and some clever props trickery, when John Wellington Wells, aka ‘The Sorcerer’ (Clive Swetman) enters with his personalised ‘box of tricks’ and love potion or Philtre…a play on words much enjoyed by both authors and audiences alike… His was a mixture of stylish bluff and banter as he is encouraged by Alexis to use his ‘love’ philtre to create the situation not dissimilar to Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night Dream’, (you know, Titania and the Ass!). You didn’t have to be a fan of G and S to really enjoy this well crafted tale of true love, lost and then rekindled, as insecurity threatens to destroy the ‘perfect’ match between our two leading characters. Now I will not concentrate too much on Alexis (Martin Milnes), his contribution and exceptional tenor voice was truly, and no doubt unsurprisingly, superb…His performance I feel allowed his role partners to play against a true professional with absolute confidence and as such delivered a range of wonderful performances. As Aline we had Rachel Goodchild who was every inch the besotted betrothed and nicely posh love interest to Alexis. She matched his professionalism in each of her renderings from her intro in the Recit and Aria, Happy Young Heart, and particularly in Act 2 in the Trios and Quintet. She clearly relished her feisty defence of her love for Alexis against his almost over zealous insistence for her to take the philtre (love potion) herself!

A special mention for Constance (Rowan Perrow) who showed excellent singing talent and just the right amount of, almost awkward, coy ‘admiration’ for the considerably older Dr Daly (Jen Alexander), now here we had a young man playing his first G and S role and the phrase ‘duck to water’ comes to mind. His was a mature and convincing ‘comely’ role with just the right amount of tongue in cheek humour and singing which grew in confidence as his role in the plot developed; again we particularly enjoyed him in the Quintet in Act 2. This pair were superb and should be ones to watch as they progress to even bigger principal roles (remember when you saw them here!). Her mother Mrs Partlett (Teresa Clayton) was tasked with delivering the clue to the ‘new’ location, as she delivered a quite acceptable ‘Norfolk dialect’ as she attempts to encourage Dr Daly to reciprocate her daughter’s desires. The location clues were well integrated and added a nice local touch with perhaps some dubious ‘modern’ day references, (ok the audience laughed!).

Also offering experience and style were the ‘older’ potential lovers, but with hidden feelings for each other, Sir Marmaduke Pointdextra (Martin Dyer) and Lady Sangazure (Pat Tegerdine). Both well cast and provided a comfortable and reassuring under plot to the proceedings. Notary (Robin Richardson) was suitably troubled and confused with the sudden rush to matrimony as the villagers succumbed to the effects of the Sorcerers potion. (He needed a bigger wig though!).

I return to my accolade for the chorus who had much to do and added the extra touch of ‘magic’ making this show just that bit more entertaining for the audience and, I suspect, for them too! All of this with a well balanced orchestra under the energetic leadership of Ros Swetman. Plus an attractive set which was well considered for entrances and exits. An altogether first class show and a credit to first time Director (Keith Swetman); his previous ‘on stage’ experience paid dividends. Most enjoyable!

Review by Terry Rymer (NODA Rep)

Finally, we were so pleased to welcome Sue Dupont, our NODA representative for this region, to our AGM on 1st September. Sue presented NODA long service medals to the following members commemorating periods of services to amdram from 10 to 50 years! Indeed, John Bill celebrated 50 years of performance which won him a special award and cheers from his ENOS friends! Margaret and Robert Collingwood, Teresa Clayton and Rachel Goodchild are all pictured receiving their NODA awards from Sue.

Sue and Rachel
Sue with Rachel
Sue, Margaret & Robert
Sue with Margaret and Robert
Sue and Teresa
Sue with Teresa
Sue and Graham
Sue with Graham
Sue and John
Sue with John
The Group
The Group

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