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Lively "Mikado" so full of fun

Bouncing with fun and energy, both inventive and traditional, pleasing to the ear and eye alike, East Norfolk Amateur Operatic Society's “Mikado” at Broadland School, Hoveton, is Trevor Thurston's first major production. It surely won't be his last.

The small stage is packed at times, but the management of the brightly costumed crowds and the nine principals on David Paternoster's pretty sets is clever and imaginative.

Brian Tuffrey is the tuneful Nanki-Poo, with something of an aristocratic manner to put the pretensions of Peter Winter's comical Pooh Bah in their rightful place.

From David Ivins, a well-judged Ko-Ko, at his best in “Tit-Willow”, with just the right amount of voice and every syllable clear as crystal.

Pamela Warren, too, dependable as ever, is excellent as Katisha, singing with style, using every muscle in her face to convey emotions and dominating events as she towers in scarlet silks and a golden headdress.

The Three Sisters make rather less impression, though Yum-Yum contributes to a delightful madrigal, and the Mikado cannot find the voice to match his magnificent appearance.

Dennis Johnson is musical director, with an alert orchestra.

Christopher Smith

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